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JAZZ Luxury Fifth Wheels & Travel Trailers by THOR
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Brown's Price
JAZZ by THOR  Introduction
Luxury Travel Trailers
New Stocking Inventory We Deliver     - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features Pending Sale 280FQ 29'5" 7245 $37,869. $ 7,107. $30,762.
New Stocking Inventory         Click each New For '07 For '08 What Can  You Tow?  WARNING!
Skyline Travel Trailers - Weekender Introduction  click here click here
Photo/Spec's/Features Deluxe 2008 180W 23'11" 4180 $18,700. $ 5,705. $12,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 180W 23'11" 4180 $18,700. $ 6,705. $11,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 190W 23'11" 3750 $19,300. $ 6,301. $12,999.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 241W 26'7" 4850 $24,300. $ 8,305. $15,995.
Skyline ALJO Standard Trailers We Deliver       - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features   2008 253 26'11" 5050 $26,000. $ 8,005. $17,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 262 29' 5900 $26,000. $ 6,005. $19,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 264 26'8" 4910 $26,000. $ 8,005. $17,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 272 28'9" 5770 $28,200. $ 9,205. $18,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2008 278 29''6" 5225 $30,500. $10,505. $19,995.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2007 2960 32'3" 6275 $33,500. $12,623. $20,877.
Skyline Park Model &
Park Trailer Specialists
We Deliver       - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features  Order Today! 2008 4085* 39'0" 8050 $45,000. $13,050. $31,950.
Photo/Spec's/Features  Order Today! 2008 3986* 39'10" 8925 $52,000. $17,005. $34,995.
JAZZ by THOR  Introduction
Luxury Fifth Wheels
New Stocking Inventory We Deliver     - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features Outstanding 2008 2550 31'2" 7820 $36,999. $ 6,922 $29,777.
Photo/Spec's/Features Luxury 2008 2870* 31'2" 8820 $39,711. $ 7,729. $31,982.
Photo/Spec's/Features Quality 2008 3070* 34'10" 9150 $42,721. $ 7,844. $34,877.
Photo/Spec's/Features Tri-Slide 2008 3300TRE 34'8" 9710 $51,304. $ 8,322. $42,982.
WHOLESALE PRICING  ALL FIFTH WHEELS     Skyline ALL TOY HAULERS  Brown's California Wholesale RV Dealer
Skyline Aljo Standard Fifth Wheel We Deliver       - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features   2007 3305 34'10" 9650 $44,500. $18,623. $25,877.
Skyline Aljo TRAILRIDER & NOMAD Rampage
Toy Hauler Experts
Photo/Spec's/Features Pending Sale 219WL 25'6" 6040 $35,200. $10,201. $24,999.
Photo/Spec's/Features Rampage 2007 240WL 26'7" 5375 $37,000. $16,021. $20,979.
Skyline Patio Toy-Hauler Travel Trailers We Deliver       - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features Rampage 2007 243* 5170 $39.000. $13,304. $25,696.
Photo/Spec's/Features 2007 260* 30'3" 5850 $40,000. $14,123. $25,877.
Skyline Aljo TrailRider Patio Toy-Hauler Fifth Wheels We Deliver       - click here - WARNING
Photo/Spec's/Features Rampage 2007 289* 29' 7875 $43,000. $18,021. $24,979.
Photo/Spec's/Features Filon 2007 395* 39'10" 12050 $67,000. $27,123. $39,877.
Weights shown are 'dry'.w/no options.
Weigh your loaded trailer for accuracy.
'Filon': Designtes Fiberglass Exterior
* Designates 102" or 8-1/2' wide

Stocking Inventory Brown's NoCal North Coast North State RV Sales Parts Service

Travel Trailer (Towable)

The travel trailer category was the first of the recreational vehicles ever developed, and remains the most popular of the many types of RVs in use today.

Ranging from 12 to 40+ feet in length, smaller trailers can be towed by compact cars, but as the size and weight increases, the towing vehicle must possess a correspondingly greater power and mass.

The mid-size travel trailers, in the 18-24 foot range, tow easily behind properly equipped full size cars, and are a pure pleasure when towed behind a van or pickup truck. With interior facilities depending largely on the size and cost of the vehicle, the travel trailer category opens up at around $13,000. and averages about $25,000. for a mid-size unit. Sleeping capacity varies with size, but trailers typically accommodate six to eight adults in comfort, and contain full kitchens, bathroom facilities, and the comforts of a pressurized hot water system with shower stall, of course.

The "king of the road" for many RV families is the full-size travel trailer, in the 24 - 34 foot range. These vehicles are easily towed by the heavier duty vehicles, from full-size sedans, suitably equipped with transmission cooler, heavy duty suspension, upgraded electrical system, and equalizing hitch, to any number of RV - compatible vans and trucks.

The full size travel trailer is built for mobility, and with an excellent weight distribution, can often be the easiest of the travel trailer sizes to tow!

Brown's RV stocks The Weekender line of Travel Trailers by Skyline.
Model 180W, Model 190W, Model 241W Weekender.

Brown's Recreation Center stocks these Standard Travel Trailers:
Aljo Model 171, Nomad or Aljo Model 253, Aljo Model 264, Aljo Model 272, Nomad or Aljo Model 2960

Inside, the full size travel trailer offers spacious accommodation with a full range of optional accessories that let you turn your RV into nothing short of a "castle on wheels." Is it any wonder that so many people select this category of travel trailer … you can tour the continent, set up seasonal living quarters close to home in the summer, and winter in the sunny south … you can even choose your favorite campground, and use the full size travel trailer as a movable cottage!

Fifth Wheel Trailers (5er)

This type of travel trailer is designed to fit a "fifth wheel" hitch that is installed in the load bed of a pickup truck. The system is essentially a smaller version of the concept used for all long range commercial trucking, and makes the fifth wheel trailer the easiest handling vehicle in the towable RV category.The fifth wheel trailer features a distinctive raised forward section, that extends over the truck’s load bed, creating an internal floor plan that is like a split-level home. The typical use for the forward section of the fifth wheel trailer is as a master bedroom, and with a full eight foot width, and almost as much space in the length of this area, the effect of the floor plan is very impressive.The fifth wheel tends to be among the larger RV models, with every convenience feature required for up to eight people. Priced from about $15,000., it can last for many years, and with the option of a fully winterized construction it is suitable for all-round use.

Brown's RV stocks Fifth Wheels: (See Aljo TrailRoder Ramp Trailers. All Models also available in the Nomad Line by Skyline.

Toy Haulers (Toy Box, Gear Box) If you are an RV enthusiast who wants the latest innovations, the best storage capabilities, and graphics that stand out in a crowd...look no further than TrailRider RVs. These state-of-the-art ramp trailers combine exceptional storage space with comfortable living. Notice the extra large fresh water capabilities...the Onan generator options...the electric lift beds...all of these tell you these aren't your parents' RVs.

Brown's RV stocks these Toy Hauler Travel Trailers by Skyline:
Aljo Limited Model 187, Aljo TrailRider Model 199 Way-Lite, Aljo TrailRider Model 219 Way-Lite, Aljo TrailRider Model 240 Way-Lite, Nomad Rampage Aljo Model 217 TrailRider, Aljo Model 243 TrailRider,Aljo Model 260 TrailRider, Aljo TrailRider Model 281, Aljo TrailRider Model 286, Aljo TrailRider Model 321.

Brown's Recreational Center is happy to custom order any Skyline Aljo or Nomad Product at the same current model year discount price offered.

We rotate RV Stock frequently.
Weekender Travel Trailer Models available to order:
250W Weekender.
Nomad Models include:
Standard Travel Trailers: Nomad or Aljo Model 2940, Model 268 Aljo or Nomad, Aljo or Nomad Model 292
Ramp Trailers - Patio Toy-Hauler Travel Trailers to order:
Nomad Rampage or Aljo TrailRider Way-Lite Model 199WL,
Model 240WL Aljo TrailRider Way-Lite or Nomad Rampage.
Aljo TrailRider or Nomad Rampage Model 217, Model 286 Nomad Rampage Model or Aljo TrailRider, Aljo TrailRider or Nomad Rampage Model 286, Model 321 Nomad Rampage Model or Aljo TrailRider, Aljo TrailRider or Nomad Rampage Model 299, Model 337 Nomad Rampage Model or Aljo TrailRider, Aljo TrailRider or Nomad Rampage Model 385

Fifth Wheel Aljo TrailRider or Nomad Rampage Patio Toy-Hauler Ramp Trailers
Model 299, Model 385

Brown's Recreation Center stocks these Standard Travel Trailers:
Nomad Model 264, Model 272 Nomad, Model 2960 Aljo. Also, Nomad Model 266 Limited
Brown's RV stocks these Fifth Wheels: Nomad Model 2705, Model 3105 Nomad, Model 3305 Nomad

Brown's RV stocks or custom orders these NOMAD Toy Hauler Travel Trailers by Skyline:
Nomad Model 187WL Way-Lite Limited, Nomad TrailRider Model 199 Way-Lite, Nomad TrailRider Model 219 Way-Lite, Nomad TrailRider Model 240 Way-Lite, Nomad Rampage Model 217 Way -Lite, Nomad Model 243 Rampage,Nomad Model 281, Nomad Model 286, Nomad Model 321 TrailRider.
Brown's Recreation Center stocks or custom orders these Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels by Skyline: Nomad Rampage Model 289, Nomad Rampage Model 299, Nomad Rampage Model 337, Nomad Rampage Model 385, Model 395.Nomad Rampage.

PARK MODELS Custom Order
Model 4085 Nomad or Aljo

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Skyline Cut-Away
Skyline Cut-Away Drawing

We will custom order any Skyline Product for you.

Aljo, Nomad, Layton; & Trail Rider

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